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Water -repellent treatment


PROTECTOR OCI is an aqueous, based on silanes for hydrophobizing concrete thixotropic, cream-like consistency based on silane with an active substance content of about 80%.

Characteristic for the low-odor product PROTECTOR OCI is a reduction of water and salt intake of the building material without the water vapor diffusion and the visual appearance of influence.
The water repellency occurs without formation of a beading effect. PROTECTOR OCI shows an excellent Eindringvermgen in the building material. The depth of penetration is detected with 11 mm in Prfbericht. The Witterungsbestndigkeit is significantly improved. Also tilting the Ausblhen is significantly minimized.

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PROTECTOR OCAS is an aqueous, based on silanes water repellents for concrete with thixotropic, cream-like consistency on silane with an active ingredient content of about 80%, especially suitable for use on Fahrbahnflchen.

The product PROTECTOR OCAS consists of tiny Moleklen and is therefore ideal for a deep impregnation. Multiple applications are possible to erhhen to the penetration depth of the product. The silane-based active ingredient combination fixed by chemical reactions firmly into the ground. Here, the ground remains permeable to water vapor. In this way, PROTECTOR OCAS protects the underlying surface against water and salt intake, the Frost / Tauwechselbestndigkeit and the Resistance to alkalis improves the optical appearance is not affected, the water repellency occurs without formation of a beading effect.

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The impregnation is a process in which large- pore, capillary-like surfaces on construction trades against the ingress of water are protected. The efficiency ranges, depending on the surface and material, a reduced intake of water up to the water repellency.

For the sealing of trades, we work with a silicone impregnation. This offers the advantage that only lined the rock spurs and not closed. Thus the effect of natural water vapor diffusion remains, despite the greatly reduced water absorption capacity,

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